New year new me 🙄

The first post on this site is from September 2011, and there are only a pathetic 11 in total to show for the following 8 years.

I know for a fact that I’ve written other posts that just aren’t on here now, either because I wasn’t keen on them afterwards or they’ve fallen by the wayside during countless moves from one platform to the other.

Several times over the years I’ve tried to tell myself that I will post more on this blog, and sometimes it’s worked for a month or two, but for some reason I never stick to it. I think I’ve been anxious that what I put out wouldn’t be good enough in some way.

But enough of that rubbish. The web industry moves and changes so quickly and there’s always so much to learn. So a good use of this blog is to post things I learn, and if doing that is able to help someone along the way then great, if not I’ve still got a resource of personal learnings I can always refer back to.

Let’s see how long it lasts this time…